Hotel Introduction

  • As a luxury tourist hotel, Suyuan Hotel combines garden beauty, fashionable concept, modern facilities and quality services, and provides an intelligent, integrated place for business Conference, travel, leisure, entertainment, party and gathering. The hotel enjoys an open space, a rational layout and an agreeable environment. Internally, it is exquisitely decorated with various equipments, enabling a feel of elegance, comfort and modern style. So it has become one of the best garden-like hotels in Suzhou
  • from the yard garden to the potted plant …, every detail glows with a rich classic flavor and fosters a profound atmosphere of traditional culture. The most typical is its yard garden which will delight you with rockeries and fountains, small bridges over the flowing stream, winding paths and corridors, pavilions, terraces and towers, green trees producing shade, fishes swimming in the shallows, blossoms on branches and lotus leaves covering the field, every step leading to a distinct view like in a brush painting.
  • Besides taking advantage of the garden style, the runners of the hotel, far from being complacent, has made most of the modeling elements and combined Chinese pragmatic philosophy with modern vision, so as to improve the space function and integrate the peripheral environment; by giving prominence to the buildings' harmonious relationship with nature, the city and the people, they also have reached a perfect combination of classical style and modern decoration, lending the hotel a mixed flavor of tradition and fashion; the blend of fresh elegance and grandeur has contributed to the development of architecture style; the mix of reservedness and generosity has showed fashionable, modern and natural simplicity and placidity, an echo of the extraordinary taste of Neo-Su School.
  • All service staffs in Suyuan Hotel have received sound systematic training and discipline themselves by the five-star standard. By adhering to the spirit of “Your Satisfaction, Our Pursuit”, we are trying our best to provide quality, considerate and comprehensive services to your will.